Sugar (gumpaste) Peonies

Hi everyone,

I have a YouTube tutorial on how to make a quick, easy peony, but it’s not my favorite method.  It’s good when you need to make a peony in a limited amount of time but does not make the fullest, prettiest peonies!

In the meantime, here are some tips and a photo of some of the supplies I use for creating this style peony.


*For the center, I use a foam ball (about the size of a large gumball or Jawbreaker) that I get at a local craft store.

*I then use hot glue to affix 20 gauge floral wire into the foam ball and let it dry for about an hour.  I get the wire at and use the no. 20 because it’s thicker and sturdier.

*Using the white petal cutters pictured here (Wilton brand), I cut out about 3 of each size (the medium and the large) and using a Dresden tool, thin out and fray the petals.  You can also use a petal veiner for a pretty look.  I add all the petals using water so they stick to each layer of petals and then allow to dry.

*Meanwhile, I make the outer petals using a single peony cutter seen here and attach them to wire.  I allow them to dry in the egg shaped pan seen here as well.  Drying takes a few hours.  You can then affix the petals to the rest of the flower using floral tape.

Hopefully, I will have a video on this eventually, but I would recommend videos on peony making on  Nicholas Lodge has a great one! 🙂

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