Chocolate Cheesecake/Brownie Base – Easy and delicious!

I love cheesecake but not so much a fan of the graham cracker or cookie base. Also, I’ve never tried a no bake cheesecake using gelatin so I thought I’d give it a go.

For this cheesecake, I just used a brownie mix to create the brownie base (I put it in an 8inch springform pan).

After baking, I put it in the freezer to cool while I made the cheesecake filling. I found the recipe for chocolate no-bake cheesecake here and just made the filling portion of it.

For the coffee buttercream topping, mix all these together in a mixer with the paddle attachment:

*1 stick of butter
*1 tsp of coffee flavoring (extract or coffee itself)
*2 cups of confectioners sugar
*1 tbs milk

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