Christina’s Cupcakes – French Macaron Recipe


Welcome! Please read prior to purchase. I have had a long journey with macarons since I started making them about 5 years ago. I had so many failures in the beginning and finally got comfortable with them, along with getting full and well formed macarons. But once I delved into character macarons with many details, it threw me for a loop once again, and I found the recipes that were once working for me, were not. After months of recipe testing, I’ve developed the following recipe. Others have tested it thus far with success, and I’m happy to say it has been great for me when making characters and even easier when doing simple rounds. Macarons are my passion, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

With this purchase, you will receive a download of my macaron recipe which is by weight, not cups, along with a recipe for chocolate ganache filling. Please note that I must manually release the download to you so you will not get it immediately after payment. Please allow one business day, at the most. If you should need it immediately, please contact me via Instagram or my email and I’ll email to you directly! For visuals, I urge you to see my Instagram IGTV as I have a video of the process along with videos piping round and character macarons. Some of the proceeds from these purchases will go to my top two charities, Boys and Girls Club of America and SPCA or any others I choose. If you have a charity of choice, please do tell and I will honor that request! To date, I have been able to donate a generous amount to charity and Australian wildfire relief.

Finally, please note that macarons are not fool proof and while I am very proud of my recipe, I do not claim it to be such. Many factors can affect them such as oven type (I have conventional), the temperature of your oven (be sure to get an oven thermometer), silicone/parchment paper, whether or not you follow the directions entirely. I hope you enjoy my macaron recipe and I would love to see and hear about your results if you try it! I am not naive as to think anything put on the internet will not be reproduced at some point, but I do appreciate if you do not distribute or copy this recipe on another site. Plus, I want to know you tried it so I can share your work with others! Good luck and happy baking! xxoo

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