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If you don’t already follow me on IG, I do update that page most regularly, so if you have IG, feel free to take a look and follow! xxoo  (IG @christinascupcakes)

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    1. Hi! This was just a simple breakfast for my family so the recipe is just what the pancake box calls for when you make waffles! Then I added edible food gel from wilton. Pink, teal, and purple added to 3 bowls of waffle batter and then put into the waffle maker— a little of each color to fill the cavity. The whipped cream on top is on my blog under buttercream recipe. When I make the waffles from scratch, I use Martha Stewart’s waffle recipe.

  1. Would you please send me the recipe for the pointsetta frosting cupcake ice cream cone. And are. They regular size cones or mini ones.

    Would you know where to get mini cones.

  2. What size cakes do you make? And what general baking instructions do you follow for smaller diameter cakes? Would love to attempt a smaller stacked cakes for my son’s first birthday. Thank you!!

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