Chocolate Cake with Oreo Buttercream and Nutella frosting layers


For the chocolate cake, I use the recipe found here. I just love this recipe and among all of the recipes, I tried, tested, and concocted, I always go back to this one 🙂

For the nutella buttercream layers:

*1 stick of butter
*2 cups of confectioner’s sugar
*1 tsp vanilla
*1 tbs milk
*2 tbs of nutella

Mix together butter and sugar on low speed so sugar doesn’t fly! Then add the nutella, milk, and vanilla and mix on medium until all ingredients
are incorporated.

For the outer Oreo buttercream:

*take about ten oreo cookies and crush them with a food processor until they are fine (I crush all the cookie even with the cream inside)

*4 cups of confectioners sugar
*2 sticks of butter
*crushed oreo
*1-2 tbs milk
*1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix together butter, sugar, and Oreo on low speed. Then add the remaining ingredients and mix on medium until well incorporated.

Spread the nutella BC between the layers of your cake. Then frost the outside of your cake with the Oreo BC.

Add toppings you desire like caramel or melted chocolate. I used marshmallow flavored Wilton candy melts. I melted the candies using the double boil method and topped on my cake after it had been chilled for a bit.

Happy Baking!

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